What We Do

Our services are perfectly matched for your needs. With fun and safety as our prime considerations, we will make sure you are equipped for the unexpected. Whether you are traveling with a local guide, a Modern Explorer appointed leader, or with your own team, our staff will take every factor into account to provide a unique, exciting, and safe expedition. From gear acquisitions to luxurious experiences, we are here to ensure you create memories for life. Whether you're an individual, group or corporate entity -- we will do everything to help you achieve your wildest dreams. 

Full Service

We can provide not only the itinerary, but a full list of equipment, arranging transportation, connecting with local guides, or an appointed team leader to accompany you from your area of departure. This service will allow you and your team to comfortably sit back and relax, enjoying the expedition without any need to worry about logistics. The level of amenities can be determined during your initial expedition inquiry.


Expedition Planning

For those who want to enjoy a private expedition with your own team, we can assist in creating a safe and thought out expedition. Using our resources and experience, we will work with your chosen team leader crafting an itinerary, gear list, and accommodations. This option allows your team the freedom of being on their own, with assurance in experience from Modern Explorer.  


This option is the simplest of them all. If you and your team are in the midst of planning an expedition, but are lost in a particular field -- we are here to help. We will study your itinerary and advise on any issues we foresee, with contingency plans and answer any questions your team may have. Expeditions are complex, we will simplify.

Corporate Outdoor Integration

For businesses looking to incorporate nature and the environment into their company's core. We will help with marketing relating to outdoor pursuits and help build staff excursions. Any need your organization has, we will accommodate and build the best plan to increase productivity and staff happiness. Those who enjoy going to work are the ones who achieve.


Since every one of our clients require a unique and custom workflow, our pricing varies based upon your needs. Our first consultation is free, and there is no commitment unless a mutually-agreed upon contract is signed. We are here to help! Contact us to learn more about how we can best assist you.