Production Services

Using the experience gained on building multi-million dollar expeditions, Ian has broadened his professional scope by including photo and video production management in the backcountry. 

Off-the-grid productions require specific tools, equipment, and a mentality that differs from the every day photoshoot in the "real world". However, the benefits of remote productions out weighs the logistical challenges, giving the client an additional element which cannot be faked or created -- true wilderness is wild.

With the knowledge gained from the logistics of As It Happens: Pacific Crest Trail, managing multiple photoshoots abroad, as well as traditional production experience based in Hollywood, Ian will provide not only the most excellent of services, but an adventure of a lifetime that will transcend the camera.

Full Service

With this service, you will have a complete package. All logistics, on the ground team and full program will be created and executed by our professional staff. Proper coordination of location, travel, and equipment will ensure a successful shoot to create the best images or videos for your company. This service includes and on-site producer and additional production team if required.


This service is for more budget constrained shoots or companies which have an in-house production team but needs additional support for backcountry needs. Our team will walk through the entire shoot highlighting areas of concern and recommending alternative actions and preparations. This simple and cost effective service will ensure your team is properly prepared even when they are days away from the nearest road.

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