Production Services

Using the experience gained on building multi-million dollar expeditions, Ian has broadened his professional scope by including photo and video production management in the backcountry. 

Ian has brought clients such as Anthropologie, Infiniti Motors, and Martini to Alaska, Mongolia, Spain and more. Some remote locations requiring helicopter transport into the mountains, while others being on the busiest street in New York City, he knows how to keep his team safe and on schedule in any environment.

His current production projects adapt corporate production budget and reallocates it to fund scientific expeditions in far off places. The corporate client still receives images and content (typically more so, as expeditions are 2-3 weeks in length) but also can support in discoveries that go down in history. Most recently, The Explorers Club Hong Kong Chapter and Infinti Motors worked to create an expedition in the Gobi Desert which generated enough multi-spectral and VR imaging data to be studied for decades — in addition to three new potential species of dinosaurs and over 250 new dig locations.

No project is too big, or too small — Ian will bring you there safely, and get the job done efficiently.

Contact us to get the project started! 

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