Modernity of Adventure: The Orion Expedition 


The soul of exploration will never waver. There are those drawn to the unknown, the unidentified, and the unnerving. While the definition of exploration adapts to the present, and technological advances make travel in its entirety, different, the drive remains. As modernity becomes less of an advance in technology, and more of an integration within our lives, many doors open, and many doors close. True, there are less truly ‘unknown’ places in this world, but the places we’ve known, have become lost to us.

In 2009, I began to emulsify advances in technology and adventure to simply remind the people of our country that what we have in our backyard is truly unbelievable. Unnecessary is it to travel half way around the world to find mountains. Equally unnecessary is the need to travel for high deserts; and everything in between.

I have walked up this country, twice. The 2,200-mile Appalachian Trail in 2009, and the 2,700-mile Pacific Crest Trail in 2011. In April 2017, I will finalize my bid for the Triple Crown award by trekking the final of the three trails; the Continental Divide Trail through the heart of America.

As was proved by the 430k+ views of the documentary my hiking partner and I created along the Pacific Crest Trail, people are hungry for adventure and require only a final push of inspiration to get them out the door on their own journeys. For this, I wish to pay homage to the full endeavor; an eight-year, eight thousand mile achievement, accomplishment, challenge. In order to do this, I wish to retrace my steps along the east and west. 

I will be supported by the small (typically a single person or family creating bespoke products as their passions fuel their fire), the growing (companies with cult like following which have now bled out into the general public at the early stages for forming a large company), and the grown (the once small companies now achieving their goals on a more global scale) in efforts to showcase the amazing tech and people of the Outdoor Industry.

Epic! Cool! Amazing! I’m hopeful that these are a few adjectives that have crossed your mind as you’ve read this. Errr…     at this point, what is the point?

The homage I spoke of earlier is a circumnavigation of this country. I will follow paths, dirt roads, and whatever other possibility of backcountry travel tracing my trekking path along the Pacific Crest and Appalachian Trails – on motorcycle. 

I will begin in Southern California mid January to early February, backcountry ride up to Canada, race east along the border, south along the Appalachian Trail, back west along the Gulf and Mexican border in New Mexico, to the start of the Continental Divide, where I will drop my bike and support team duo and begin my solo trek nearly 3,000 miles along the most grueling terrain this country has to offer.

NOW the point arises. Ducati motorcycles are not only the latest advancement in motorcycle tech, it is the future. I want to circumnavigate this country with your enduro. To inspire everyone to embark on their own adventure, to remind them we have an epic playground, and while the means of exploration and adventure adapt, the soul, remains the same. 

A partnership along this journey would not only inspire those to enjoy the adventures in their backyards, but also give them the best possible marketing for Ducati; an all out torture test around the country. 

I look forward to speaking with you more about this project, and welcome any and all questions!


And of course, to finish off, an image of my cross country ride on my Monster 821 Dark. The photographer who took this image will be the photographer on the journey as well.