Computer Protection

While the outdoors gives us the opportunity to escape civilization, reflect on ones self and take a breath of crisp, clean, fresh air, technology is becoming more and more prevalent in active pursuits. Equipment is advancing into smaller packages, more durable structures and more robust features. However, they are still pricey. Protecting these investments is crucial. 

There is one name synonymous with outdoor protection. Pelican. The durable, rugged, drop proof, waterproof, life proof cases made by Pelican are the real deal. From big to small, they will keep your goods protected wherever you bring them. These USA made products are undoubtably the most durable cases out there. IF they every break, for whatever reason (tank rolling over it, thrown into a ravaging pool of hungry sharks, or whatever else you can think of) the company offers a full lifetime warranty. Your investment protecting tool is also an investment worthy of every cent. 

Pelican 1490 with custom insert

Pelican 1490 with custom insert


My personal computer case (1490) is outfitted with a custom made interior which has a padded tray to hold my computer, mouse and phone. With a small paracord string poking out, it allows me to pull the tray up to unearth the satellite phone, external hard drive, power cords, flashlight pen and misc. items which I need to carry on a regular basis. 

These cases are ready to protect. Carry them, carry security.