Ian Mangiardi

Producer : Explorer

Ian is a full-bred New Yorker and has spent most his life on Manhattan’s Lower West Side and has most recently received the “New Explorer Award” by The Explorers Club.

With extensive outdoor training he became a Wilderness EMT, and holds many other emergency management certifications. As a guide for the NYC based Discover Outdoors, he learned the inner workings of how to lead a successful team. As an adventurer embarking on many expeditions, he has honed his ability to manage logistics and create everything from Himalayan adventures to photo shoots. He has hiked both the 2,178-mile Appalachian Trail as well as the 2,663-mile Pacific Crest Trail. 

Ian is an active member of The Explorers Club and specializes in getting people from point A to point B, regardless of how remote, treacherous or unique the scenario.

Serving as Executive Director for The Dusty Camel, he is well versed in planning and consulting for all types of expeditions. Ian lived in Bhutan for nearly two years working on an expedition called The King's Challenge. Conceptualized by the King of Bhutan, and carried out by his brother, Prince Jigyel Ugyen Wangchuck.

Most recently, he served as Director of Logistics of the Andrews Centennial Expedition. This was a three week journey through the Gobi Desert of Mongolia, equipped with multi-spectral and VR image capturing tools where 250 new paleontological locations and three potential new species were discovered. Which was awarded the Citation of Merit by The Explorers Club.

Currently, he produces photo shoots for Hollywood based Photobomb Production, a full service production company with top clients being Coca-Cola, Victoria's Secret, Anthropologie, Martini, and many more. Using this experience, he is now melding his passion for the outdoors with his production experience to produce off-grid content with most recent photo shoots being hosted on top of glaciers in remote locations of Alaska.

e-mail him: irm[at]modernexplorerinc.com

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